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Jace Owen crash video from WSX Melbourne and injury update

Jace Owen crash video from WSX Melbourne and injury update
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After taking a crash at the last round of the WSX series, Jace Owens has provided an update on his condition. He is still in Australia waiting to travel home to America. 

Owens posted the following update below: 

“I’m not sure where to even start.. A week from this past Friday in Melbourne, I crashed in practice and was knocked out for around 5 minutes, had tonic-clonic seizures for a couple of minutes, and a lot of breathing issues. I am lucky to walk away with a concussion, 4 broken ribs, lacerations on my liver and lung, and a grade 2 AC joint separation. I am still over here in Australia, but will hopefully be released to fly home in the next week”.

“Here comes a long list of necessary thank you’s- Thank you to my family for keeping me calm and reminding me that no matter the outcome, life is all going to work out how it is supposed to. You all are truly my rock and I never want to scare you guys like that again Jade Owen and a special shoutout to Jill Owen for jumping on a plane to be over here with me and big Mike for the calls. Phil Nicoletti may be grumpy, but he’s one of a kind. He skipped his practice, called my family, rode in the ambulance with me, and stayed until the middle of the night, even with a race the following day. Thank you to my entire team Team GSM Dafy Michelin for the non-stop support and check-ins, from the team owner, riders, mechanics, and media crew after coming and seeing me at the hospital. @sheetmetal220 you’re the man. Thank you for keeping an eye on me for a solid 5 days. I appreciate your company and all the hours that you just sat in that hospital room with me and kept me GOOD company. Thank you Kristen Beat for coming and checking on me, bringing me food, and calling me for updates. Thank you Cade Clason and your wife for bringing me food and having dinners with me while I laid in bed. Kourtney Lloyd You have always been one of my favorite people in this world and you always go above and beyond. Thank you for handling everything with the hospital and insurance all the way from Canada! Thank you Adam Bailey41 and WSX for making sure that I was okay and in good hands. Last but not least, to all of my friends and moto family that continue to check in, you all are so appreciated that I don’t even know how to truly give the thanks you deserve and I’m going to try and get back to each and everyone of you. Let’s heal up”.

You can see the crash below: 

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Image: Kevin Frelaud/DailyMX

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