Could Eli Tomac race some MXGP rounds this season?

Eli Tomac said a few weeks ago he would like to try racing Lommel out of all the GP tracks, and now there are conversations going one about the possibility Eli might actually race some GPs this year depending on his final decision for 2025 – he has left the door open to race another season.

A tentative Lewis broached the subject on Vital’s MXGP podcast saying: “There are strong rumors that there is some sort of discussion about the possibility potentially of Eli Tomac racing maybe some GPs this year but of course it also depends on what he decides about Outdoors.”

Yamaha of course have lost Jago Geerts and he is expected to be out until the summer and Maxime Renaux may miss most of, if not all of the season with his foot injury. It means Yamaha and of course MXGP and Monster Energy would surely jump at even a wafer thing chance of Eli Tomac racing some MXGP.

And the fans get to see some Herlings v Tomac again – and of course Prado in his prime along with Gajser and Febvre.

Let’s see how it unfolds…watch from 33 minutes 11 seconds in…