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Is the 2024 supercross field the deepest ever?

Is the 2024 supercross field the deepest ever?
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Not since 1999 has a premier class supercross line-up looked so strong as the class of 2024 get ready to do battle!

The deep fields usually come when the old guard are still strong and the new kids are coming in and, back in 1999 this was true with the hyped Carmichael and silky Reynard coming into the class to take on the established stars like McGrath, Windham, Lusk, Emig, Ward, Pichon, Albertyn and Huffman.

MXGP champ Sebasten Tortelli was also in the field along with Ferry, Button, Lamson and Dowd and, back then, Honda had a four rider team, Suzuki and Kawasaki 3, Yamaha essentially four with McGrath and Lamson on Chapparal. That’s fourteen riders already before you get to the likes of Tim Ferry and Phil Lawrence who were privateers and they only had a 20 rider gate back then!

In 2024 there are less riders per team but more teams with the likes of Beta, KTM, Gas Gas and Husky in the sport, there are two new rookies in the Lawrence brothers with, Jett, like Carmichael, coming in hyped to the hilt and expected to challenge for a title, and there is even an MXGP world champ for the opening few rounds, Jorge Prado, who really is entering the lions den. Ferrandis is doing a Ferry and going the privateer route!

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Look at the names below ready to battle in 2024:

Tomac, Webb, J. Lawrence, H Lawrence, Sexton, Roczen, Plessinger, Stewart, Anderson, Cianciarulo, Craig, Barcia, Prado, Cooper, Ferrandis, McElrath, Nichols, Bloss, Friese. Let’s hope the majority can stay fit because the racing should be electric this year!

We preview the season here:

You can also check out the stacked 1999 opener below and see how similar it looks to 2024 (main event at 1hr 27 minutes in):

Words: Jonathan McCready

Image: Yamaha

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