Interview: Simon Längenfelder – wants to win the MX2 class at RedBud

The Motocross of Nations will take place in RedBud Motocross this coming weekend. Anticipation for the MXoN is also increasing at Simon Längenfelder goes into the MX2 class as an underdog for the German team.

Congratulations on your re-appointment as a rider of MXoN Team Germany! How excited are you to be back in the squad?

Simon Längenfelder: It’s always something special to be at MXoN. The three best from Germany are selected and to be one of them is definitely special. Always happy to be part of it and ride for my country as well. The Nations is not a normal race because everyone pushes a little differently and you always find motivation from somewhere to ride even better. As a team, you can also act differently to make a difference against the other teams in the end. It is incredibly important to not hit a zero. You have a draw result, but if you knock it out in the first race, then there is pressure on others not to make a mistake. And with this pressure, things like this happen even faster.

What are your expectations or goals for Team Germany?

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Längenfelder: No idea, on paper other teams are stronger, but we are definitely good and constant riders and that’s a lot of value. If we all do our best and are lucky I already think we do like last year or even better.

What are your goals for own class?

Längenfelder: I want to win the MX2 class. Tom Vialle doesn’t ride, Jago Geerts rides the 450. Those who were better than me in the World Championship don’t compete against me. There are of course a few other strong riders present like Hunter Lawrence. But I think if you start well against the 450, you can definitely ride it well. You’ve seen this year, how many times we’ve had even faster times in the MX2 class than in the MXGP.

At the announcement of the German team, you were the only rider where there were no discussions.

Längenfelder: We have more than three riders in Germany who qualify for the team. Just happy to be the chosen one. I would also say that I was by far the best German in the MX2 category. Together with Max and Tom, we’ll be able to make some good out of it.

Are you going to the MXoN differently than a normal race?

Längenfelder: I’d say that I’m starting something different this year than I’ve been before. Finally, the whole MX2 World Championship season is over, that was different last time, as we still had World Championship races after the MXoN. This takes the pressure off the championship already this time. You try your best and see what comes out. You can approach the MXoN more relaxed and then you usually ride even better than when you have to think about a championship.

What makes the MXoN a special event?

Längenfelder: I’ve raced a race in America before, the Red Bull Straight Rhythm. But that’s not so much to do with motocross: you ride 30 seconds and 30 times and are fully done afterwards. Definitely looking forward to having my first real race in America now. Something special to be able to ride on such a popular track as Red Bud. They say it’s the best track there, with the most extreme spectators. Excited to see how it turns out.

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Interview: German MXoN

Pic: Juan Pablo Acevedo

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