Interview: Miro Sihvonen on his recovery and the EMX series!

Miro Sihvonen missed out on the EMX250 series last year due to a knee injury and still isn’t back on the bike due to the injury.

However, the DIGA KTM rider is recovering well and will be back to compete in the EMX250  series this year to try and secure the title before moving onto bigger and better thing.

Czech reporter, Martin Plesník caught up with Miro to discuss how his recovery process has been going and a range of other topics.

Martin Plesník: It´s not that long time since we last talked, even though there‘s quite a lot of news about you and your career. Unfortunately, you still aren´t able to ride a dirtbike, but you finally started to train on a bicycle etc, tell us how it’s going with your recovery, training’s and when you possibly will ride a dirtbike for the first time after really long break?

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Miro Sihvonen: It has been going really well with everything to be honest. Everybody – as my doctor, physiotherapist, trainer and dad have been very happy and surprised with my progress. I have gained a lot of strength and physics in a short period of time so i must be satisfied and I think I will be able to get on a motocross bike in the middle of January.

Martin Plesník: Well that would be really nice present for my b-day though to see you back on the bike (laughs). Other news regarding you is also to do with your racing number, in 2018 you gonna race with #47, why this change?

Miro Sihvonen: I had that number last time when I was 10 years old and always thought about taking it back. And now I finally did it cause I felt like I needed a small change… and for sure two digits are easier for people to remember and recognize.

Martin Plesník: Yes, you are right! Did it bring you any luck in past? Anyway, last time when we talked you were a free rider with no clue about the new season, now you know you’re going ride one more season under Diga KTM Junior Racing Team, how does it feel? Is it good to be in a team where you know everyone and where you know how it´s working? Did you get any other offers?

Miro Sihvonen: Well now when I think back it sure did! I won the 9-11 year olds championship on 85cc that year with pure luck in the last race (big laugh). It feels so good to be able to stay under the familiar tent of KTM Diga Junior Racing. I am so grateful to them for all the past and still believing in me by giving another chance! And yes I got many options to pick from, but I was glad to stay where I feel like I belong right now.

Martin Plesník: Tell me more about that luck please, I am pretty curious. The first race of a new season should be Valkenswaard but now it‘s Red Sand, are you happy with this change? Cause I think in Valkenswaard would be due your biggest results of your career really big pressure on you after such a long break and it would be even more difficult comeback!

Miro Sihvonen: Well back then I was gonna be second but the championship leader had a DNF in the last moto so I got the title for ”free”. And yes I am pretty happy with that because in Red Sand I have less pressure from myself and other people…after such a difficult time over half a year of injuries.

Martin Plesník: I can imagine how you feel. What do you think about calendar for 2018? Do you like the tracks? We talked about Valkenswaard, are you sad that your most successful tracks from past (Valkenswaard and Arco) are not in calendar for EMX250? And what about the travelling to Portugal/Russia, wouldn‘t it be better for the EMX guys to ride for example in Teutschenthal which is real MX school with big ruts and it‘s not that expensive as for example Russia?

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Miro Sihvonen: In general I think it doesn´t matter which tracks are on the calendar. It’s the same for everyone. I can ride on any kind of surface for sure.

Martin Plesník: Well you are more than right. Anyway, it must be better for everyone to ride the tracks where you were successful, it gives you some extra wings (not advertisement for Red Bull). What are your plans and goals for 2018? Are you gonna ride some pre season races too? What about home races in Finland?

Miro Sihvonen: That’s usually true…and my goal is the same as last year. To win the title! It’ll be very tough to achieve after all this and with a lot of new great riders coming into the class. But why should I reach for anything less, right? Pre season races I will surely do in Dutch Masters and some smaller ones. Later on I will also compete in the ADAC championship once again. And there is only time for one race in Finland, unfortunately.

Martin Plesník: You are from Finland, how difficult is it to prepare for the EMX season properly? I guess that right now is your country full of snow…

Miro Sihvonen: Yea it’s difficult for sure, but that’s why I live half of the time in Belgium, which is time to time a bit tough to be away from home but I gotta do what is the best for my career.

Martin Plesník: Thanks a lot for your time, love to hear all the great news about you as well as to see you motivated and fully committed! Wish you only the best for the next season and future career. Now is the time when you can say thanks to the all people who you would like to say it.

Miro Sihvonen: Thanks to you too! And I would like to give a huge thanks to my long time team KTM Diga Junior Racing, all my sponsors and cooperation partners (KTM, KTM DIGA Junior Racing, NHP yhtymä, SSR Uusimaa, Moposport, Ponkes, Betola, Kuopion teholouhinta, Kunto24,, JA-KI Muutto, Motorengas, Dräger, Autohuolto Hämäläinen, Motopalvelu, Storm, Exide, Tatec, Autokoulu Strada, Black & White, JForce, VMK, LA Racing, LVI Paavola, CTI, Shoei, Alpinestars), family, trainers, the physiotherapists who helped me during last year and once again huge thanks to the doctors who put me back together!