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Interview: Maxime Renaux – Swiss MXGP winner!

Interview: Maxime Renaux – Swiss MXGP winner!
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Andy McKinstry catches up with Maxime Renaux to talk about a brilliant GP victory in Switzerland.

Maxime Renaux, three GPs in, I feel you have had the speed to win but just things have been happening but you were able to get the job done this weekend, it must feel amazing!

Yeah it feels great, like you said, it feels like I have everything in the pocket to make it happen the first two GPs but the pieces of the puzzle didn’t go together. Big crash in Argentina where I hit the head hard, Riola I also crashed while pushing on Jeffrey in the first moto and yeah, didn’t make it happen. It feels good to make it happen now and get my first win of the season. Now I look forward to the next GPs coming because the championship is really long and we want to e in that title chase. I think we are in a good position.

A new track but a very old school, traditional track, what were your thoughts on it?

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Yeah it was quite great, good track and big ruts. it was nice just a bit hard to pass the lapped riders, we were forty on the gate today and a lot of level difference, so it didn’t make my life easy, especially in the second moto, I was a bit under pressure but still a great GP.

You are on the new 2023 Yamaha, how is that bike compared to the old bike and I think I read somewhere, Seewer was talking about struggling for parts but it doesn’t seem to be affecting you, you are right at the front.

I was not waiting for parts because I chose some parts Jeremy didn’t choose so I made my work on my side and we are not on the same engine but yeah, I still feel we need to work on the bike, it is still not perfect. On the chassis we made a great job and I feel really good but I feel we need to work a little nit more on the starts. I believe that last year we were more performing on the starts and we really need to put the intention into it because this going to be really crucial when you see Prado takes all the holeshots you know? We leave the way fully open to him. The second moto today I start on his bike and could make light work. It is going to be important to get the starts dialled for the rest of the season.

Coming into this season, what were your goals after a good rookie season, was it to go for the championship?

No, clearly the goal is to win the championship, I am working for that and I am going to push for it. So yeah, it’s going to be the goal and we are going to try to be consistent and be there every time, avoid injury and see at the end of the championship where we end up.

And on the level this year, how do you find the level of MXGP, we have Herlings back, Prado is good, yourself with another year, we have Romain back. It looks very, very fast at the front, especially watching here today, it was ridiculous!

Yeah, it’s great, it’s just the best riders of the world. Everyone is back, healthy, Jeffrey is back, Romain is back, Jorge is on the best he has ever been probably, I am also on a really good level, my teammates are also feeling good. There are about ten riders (quite similar), stacked class. It makes the racing really special and nice for the fans. I hope it is going to keep going like this this season and we are going to enjoy some nice racing.

And last question, there has been a format change this year with the qualifying race now counting for points, what are your thoughts on that? Are you a fan of it?

Not a fan of it because I lose so many points on Jorge who wins all the qualifying races at the moment! It’s not really great to lose points here, I won the GP but I don’t get the most points form the whole weekend. So, those qualifying races, you need to put some focus on it and get the points and the main thing of the qualifying is the starts, we will try to work on this and make it happen.

Images: InFront Moto Racing

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