Interview: Max Anstie on living in the States and another supercross podium

We caught up with Max Anstie in Tampa to discuss his great form indoors and the move to the USA.

Max, second podium in a row, you never look out of control, and you are doing it on a privateer team, you must be over the moon with how everything is going?

Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the guys that I’ve got working with me. It’s just nice to lift everyone up, they have all put in so much work and so much effort, even though yeah, you can say it’s a privateer team, I see the effort these guys put in and it’s not a 9 to 5 for them, it’s 24/7 all the time. These guys deserve it, they have done a great job and I am just happy to provide the results for them, at least these first two rounds and be able to back up the first race, because, you know, it could have been a bit of a fluke the first one but no, to be solid and consistent here. We had adverse weather, it was raining, it was hot, it was weird, more like an outdoor race but definitely great for the team.

We are only at round two but I am having a lot of fun, honestly, I am loving racing. I feel like I should be a bit more serious, because after the press conference, everyone is very serious in there. Of course I want to win races and be up front, but I am just having a great time, just enjoying the process of racing for me. The trophy is great, I can put that in my little guy’s room but for me the reward is the actual racing, just being able to perform and feel how I feel on the bike, I am happy.

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Got some things to work on these next couple of weeks, just some teething issues with stuff that I think we can improve on but other than that, we are doing a good enough job as it is, I am happy with where we are.

The WSX you were impressive there as well, did that give you confidence going into the American series that you are going to be up there?

The WSX and the Australian supercross has given me a lot of laps on the bike. My suspension is basically the same as then. Like I was saying to the suspension guy earlier, I don’t really want to change anything, yeah, you maybe could maybe make it a little better here and there, but I know what my bike is going to do before it does because I have done so many races and stuff already. The WSX was great fun, I liked being able to go race at home. The first round is in Birmingham coming up, even France and Germany, I have got fans from all over and I like travelling, it’s easy for me. I am looking forward to WSX again, it has definitely helped a lot. It’s crazy how things have worked out, I have really enjoyed it.

You mentioned in the press conference about moving to America, as far as I know it’s just you, your wife and now your wee baby, how difficult was that, you are obviously well travelled and knew America but to just have the two of you doing this, that has got to be pretty challenging?

Yeah, I mean, we didn’t know what team we would be on. I have lived in some weird places. We are now in Cairo, Georgia, for anyone that has ever been to MTF realises that’s in the middle of nowhere, but we have got a nice house now. I am lucky that my wife pushed me to come to America more than I even wanted. I wanted to come to America, but it was more, I was safe in Europe, or safe with the team I am on and whatever.

She pushed me to come here, it’s a team effort. You have seen that with Ferrandis, Musquin, the Europeans that come over, you have to stick together as a bit of a team. Even though we speak the same language and it’s easier for me because I speak…English and American’s speak English American! But you are still foreigners, you are still outsiders, so it’s nice to have that. My mum and Nan are coming over for a few weeks around Daytona, so that’s going to be fun. It’s tough you can’t just nip down and see your mates or go and hang out with people but when they do come over they come over for a few weeks, so that’s fun.

And you plan on staying here for a few years, no more GPs or British championship in your immediate future at least?

I like supercross, my plan is AMA supercross, World Supercross and Austalian supercross. That’s the plan for the forseeable future.

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