Interview: Lucas Coenen – home Lommel GP podium at 16!

We spoke to Lucas Coenen after his home GP at Lommel as the 16 year old sensation continues to impress with his speed, maturity, confidence and decision making. Lucas is a very, very special talent!

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Lucas, very strong performance all weekend, what were your thoughts on a podium at Lommel at maybe the toughest track in the world!

Today and yesterday was tough, they didn’t rebuild it (level track). Not the best weekend like I wanted, but we were second so it’s not too bad. I took a good start in the first moto and Jago was just a bit more inside so he passed me. I was trying to follow the lines but with the backmarkers I lost a lot of time, so I was like, save a little bit of energy for the second moto.

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But I missed my start completely so I needed to push from the back to come back to the front so second, I couldn’t do something with Jago because he was already gone.

The last seasons (EMX125, EMX250, MX2) once you have learnt to win you have kept winning, I didn’t expect you to start winning as quickly in MX2! Did you expect to be on the pace at the start of the year  win races so early?

For sure I expected too, for sure.

And how did it feel to get that first win, you had a lot of bad luck leading up to that, you were dominant to get the win, a dream come true?

It was good but then I got sick the next weekend so I wasn’t good  and I would have like to be better. I already have one win and now second, so two podiums, it’s good.

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You are just 16 years old, do you understand how rare it is to be this good so young, or does this just feel normal to you?!

Just normal because there are already other guys that did it at 16 like Jeffrey and other guys, so yeah.

And next year, the world title is the goal?

For sure.

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And America, is that still the main goal?

Yeah for sure a goal, but we need to see when.

Haiden Deegan rode really impressively last night, he’s 17, you are 16, Jett is 19 are you guys the next generation?

Maybe yes, but we need to see how it’s going to be.

Just a question on Sacha, you have grown up together, he has good speed as well, do you see yourself battling for championahsip throughout your career?

Yeah, for sure if he grows a little bit, that will help him. He has the speed for sure. He just needs to find a good balance with the bike and him and then he will be up front soon.

Just talk a little about this Husqvarna factory team, how much have they helped you get to the level you are at now?

Yeah a factory team you have all the factory stuff and everybody gets the same, so yeah, it’s good.

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And you don’t seem to have any issues with feeling pressure, you ride free!

No, I have already got that win, so I know I can do it.

MXoN, I imagine you will get picked for that are you looking forward to that?

Yeah, we need to see who will ride for the Nations but yeah if I can ride for team Belgium, it would be nice.

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