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Interview: Linda Cuddy – Motocross coming to Channel 4

Interview: Linda Cuddy – Motocross coming to Channel 4
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Motocross is coming to Channel Four next week as Paradise MX Holiday’s have been filming with them for a slot on their show, a new life in the sun.

Paradise MX Holiday’s will feature on the show all next which which is on at 16:00 and also available on demand four for anyone that misses it.

With Motocross getting a section on the show, we caught up with Linda Cuddy from Paradise MX Holidays to get her thoughts on it and how the opportunity all came about.

Gatedrop: Linda, let’s start with Paradise MX Holidays, can you tell me a bit more about yourselves and what you guys can offer?

Linda Cuddy: We are really proud of what we have created. Paradise mx holidays opened it’s doors at the beginning of 2017. We are an mx holiday company situated near Murcia in Southern Spain. We are equally proud to be the most 5* recommended, rated and reviewed MX holiday company here, we offer unrivaled value for money. We have created a wonderful home from home environment in which like minded riders and their families can come to Spain and ride some fantastic tracks combined with their passion for MX. We offer the complete package staying at paradise villa, all rooms have got their own private facilities, we include all meals, airport collections, transportation of riders bikes from U.K , France or Holland to Spain and return. Riders and their bikes are transported to an array of tracks, they don’t need to hire cars just sit back take in the fantastic views and enjoy what paradise has to offer.

What soon became apparent to us is that some riders also wanted training, mental coaching, physical coaching and nutritional advice, we implemented that in our business model and is available to all riders if they want that. Some riders just want to have a fun mx holiday in the sun whilst others use us regularly now for their winter training. We hold regular boot camps which encompass all the above . I hold a degree in psychology and have coached and mentored people in other disciplines so just transferred my skills to incorporate mx riders. I have been around mx myself for a number of years and combined me and Martin have been around the sport for 40 odd years . I firmly believe that a large percentage of riders are brilliant at practicing however when it comes to race day for a variety of reasons their results do not come due to a lack of confidence or anxiety. We use carefully personalised strategies to overcome their confidence issues on track when it matters. Martin is a rider himself and is able to offer technical support for all ability of riders.

Gatedrop: You’ve been filming in Spain to appear on a TV show on channel 4, can you tell me a bit more about it and how the opportunity came about?

Linda Cuddy: We were approached by Channel 4 for a show called a new life in the sun. It is a show which follows Brits who have set up businesses abroad. Filming actually started in July and finished filming at the end of November. Before filming started we had due diligence to ensure we were a legal company with all insurances in place. We didn’t have any problems with this aspect as the business model of paradise mx holidays was set up with due care and attention in detail on all legalities.

Gatedrop: I can imaging it’s be really fun filming with the guys at Channel 4?

Linda Cuddy: We had so much fun filming, we were being filmed for over 12 hours a day! We had so many laughs along the way. They had never been around mx before so found it both exhilarating and exciting to watch however filming was pretty difficult with them when the fast riders went out on track as they couldn’t keep up with them. They got roosted a couple of times. Sometime we forgot they were there altogether and we have had some pretty funny moments too when everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Gatedrop: When will the show be televised on Channel 4 and what sort of things will the show be covering?

Linda Cuddy: Our series starts on Channel 4 on the 22nd of April at 4.00pm. We have not seen any edits at all so it will be interesting to see exactly what they will be covering. We wanted to promote how fantastic mx is and show everyone that mx is not about riding down streets with no protective clothing or helmets on instead it’s a physically and mentally demanding sport in which riders are focused on increasing performance on the bike whilst having fun and succeeding in riding a variety of tracks well. It shows us in real life, our passion for the sport, our commitment to providing the best experience possible here in Spain. Their first months filming in Spain was just promoting non mx holiday makers until our season started. That’s when the real fun started.

Gatedrop: For people that work during the day and won’t be able to watch it during the day, will it be available on demand four?

Linda Cuddy: Yes they will definitely be able to watch it on catch-up or demand four. It gives everyone the opportunity in seeing exactly what we do.

Gatedrop: Just a bit more about yourself, I believe you’re working with a number of riders in 2019. Can you tell me who and how it’s all going?

Linda Cuddy: Throughout 2018 I have been working with and will continue to work with a variety of riders from MXGP, MX2 and EMX and the riders from the British scene. I have been employed by riders who for a variety of reasons have struggled with racing at top level through anxiety, pressure or confidence issues, usually it’s either the riders themselves that contact us or their teams asking for assistance. We never publicly name these riders as we take their privacy seriously. As you would imagine we discuss confidential issues with them that currently hold them back. We are actually here for the riders and do not have the need to use these riders for our own publicity. Through expert tutoring, constructive criticism, motivation and on-hand support, we can help individuals focus their minds, hone their bodies and learn their disciplines inside-out to ensure they have the best possible chance of succeeding.We work extremely closely with them and we have mutual trust and respect. We have a 100% success rate with these riders and their performance at races.  The improvements are certainly a talking point on track.

Gatedrop: I believe you are sponsoring some championships again? Can you tell me what they are and the reason behind it?

Linda Cuddy: Yes, we are sponsoring the following championships: The Dutch Masters in Holland, Acerbis Nationals, 90 Racing and Ringwood Club.

The reason why we are sponsoring the championships is to give something back. I always think it’s good that the winners have something to race for and how ideal is Paradise! They get to spend a week doing what they love to do! I always believe that if you are able to do things for the sport then you should do it. It’s not all about taking it’s also about giving back too.

Gatedrop: Your son also rides, Christopher but his bike sadly got stole just before Christmas. Has there been any development with finding it?

Linda Cuddy: Unfortunately we have not been able to locate Christopher’s bike which has unfortunately hampered the forthcoming season for him. Despite our best efforts the bike seems to have disappeared into thin air. Too many bikes are going missing now in the U.K. And I really do think manufacturers should now consider building mx bikes with trackers in their structures. We would at least be able to trace some bikes. It was a devastating blow for Christopher, we had the use of another bike from the end of November but this was thwart with mechanical problems so he was off the bike for a couple of months. He will now be able to concentrate on catching up where he left off and come back strong.

Gatedrop: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Linda Cuddy: I would first and foremost like to thank all our guests and their families for having the faith in us by booking and returning to Paradise. The mx community for supporting us when Christopher’s bike was stolen from the U.K. In sharing the post, riders and teams for giving us the opportunity and having confidence in us to work with them, the track owners and the wonderful Spanish community for welcoming us into their country. And thanks to the following sponsors: Evotech, Gear 4 Motorcycles, Trick products, Walklett services, DC Builders (Southern) limited, SGUT.

Interview: Andy McKinstry

Pic: Too fast media

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