Interview: Liam Everts – fast on the 350!

Liam Everts had two very impressive races for Belgium on the 350 going 3-3-10 in his three motos over the weekend for second overall in the open class and leading Belgium to fifth overall despite a tough day for Jago Geerts and Lucas Coenen, who had to come from the back of the pack in both of their Sunday motos.

Everts didn’t finish far behind Renaux and Vialle in moto one, holding off MX2 rival, Adamo, all the way in an exciting battle before battling hard for 10th in a stacked MXGP/Open race in the final moto of the day with not very long in between races in that 30 degree heat!

This is what Liam had to say about his weekend, read or watch below:

Liam, 350 debut, first practice wasn’t maybe what you wanted but when the races came you upped your level and you must be really pleased with how you performed!

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Yeah, I knew once the races would come I would be a lot better. I didn’t expect to be so, especially not Saturday with third, the first moto also third. Then the last moto, I kind of messed up my start, but anyway, I kept fighting and still finished tenth which was not too bad. I think I got second in the open class, obviously a great weekend, I am very happy.

Did you enjoy riding the bike with that bit extra torque?

Yeah, very, very happy with the bike. it really suits my style just to have that bottom power there, it’s very easy to ride.

On your season, I was at Maggiora when you had that crash, I still can’t believe you got back on the bike, I think that was as impressive as your GP wins, just to have the fight and guts to do that, are you still pleased with your season overall even it was really disappointing in Maggiora?

Yeah, I was always raised to keep going, unless something is broken, I knew at that point the the title was gone, it was hard but something inside me wanted to keep going and that’s what I did.

Did you expect three GP wins this year?!

No, not at all. I was going for some podiums but three GP wins I really didn’t expect!

And finally, under pressure this year you were good, first year on factory KTM, today really good on the 350, Adamo was all over you in your first moto today, do you think that is becoming one of your strong points?

Yeah he was going for it. He would have snuck a wheel up and that’s what he did but I managed to keep him behind and it was a fun race.

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Image: InFront Moto Racing