Interview: Kyle Peters discusses his WSX debut

After missing the WSX series last year, Arenacross specialist, Kyle Peters made his WSX debut at this years opening round of the series which took place in the UK at the weekend. Under the NILS Honda awning, Peters is expected to be one of the front runners in the SX2 class and after winning the heat race things were looking promising.

In the WSX format, starts are important and Peters weren’t great so the results weren’t as expected but he knows what to work on for the rest of the series.

We caught up with the American to discuss his WSX debut and more.

GateDrop: Kyle, this is your WSX debut, first of all how did you find the event and racing here in the UK?

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Peters: Stoked to be here, grateful for Giacomo and the NILS Honda team for having me out here. I really wanted to do it last year but obviously I was hurt and didn’t know what was going to happen but I am thankful to have the opportunity this year. England is great and the UK has been awesome. I started the night off great with a holeshot and heat race win but then man I just struggled. I kept spinning off the gate and not really riding aggressive enough – maybe it was nerves but it is what it is. I know what I need to do and learn from and come out swinging in Singapore.

GateDrop: I think you’ve been coming off an injury, have you had much time to prepare for this on the bike?

Peters: So, the injury was last year with my neck but it was a big one. I had Arenacross season and then took some time off after this and then started to get ready again for this. The bike setup is a little bit different to Arenacross and everything is a little bit different so it may take a little bit of time to get back to where we need to be. Good first round and we are coming out healthy – we know what we need to do.

GateDrop: Just on the track, how would it compare to an Arenacross/AMA track? I feel like it was basic but probably somewhere in between the two…

Peters: It’s definitely a lot different than Arenacross. It’s not as gnarly as the AMA but also with the way the track did break down, it got really gnarly. It made the track more difficult than what it could have been if it didn’t break down like that. The WSX guys did a great job with the track just keeping it good and everything. I like the format which gives us three races to get it done. Unfortunately, I didn’t ride that great in all three of them (laughs) but that’s how it goes.

GateDrop: Just on the format – have you raced anything like that before? Tonight with the red flag it was technically four starts!

Peters: Yeah, true. At Arenacross we do a two moto format with a little bit of time in between. This is obviously quicker but yeah, I like the format. I feel good with it, feel good and everything is good with the bike and team. I just need to figure it out on my own.

GateDrop: With Supercross going global it has probably given you a few extra years in your career and how important do you think it is for Supercross to go all around the world with different audiences?

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Peters: Absolutely, it is great being out here to go global. It has always been a dream of mine. When I first heard about the series, I am a Supercross guy or an Arenacross guy, whatever you want to call it. But this is perfect for me to do Arenacross in the winter and then come out here and do this in the Summer time. It works great, I’m pumped to be here and pumped to race here in front of new fans. These people don’t get to see it all the time like we do back in the States. The fans are next level, they’re loud and getting rowdy, I love it.

GateDrop: There’s obviously a big break now – any races planned or will all your work be done at the practice track?

Peters: No races planned. No outdoors or anything like that so just grinding it out at the practice track and try to get better.

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