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Interview: Conrad Mewse

Interview: Conrad Mewse

It’s taken longer than we had expected, but Conrad Mewse is now showing his talent on a 125. The former 85cc World Championship has actually been riding well in a very competitive 125 class, but when you are riding for KTM and have World and European Champion credentials, the spotlight is on you more than anyone else.

But in the last two weeks, with the benefit of good starts, Mewse has shown the world just why he might be Britain’s next best hope for a world title. Quite simply, when he is on form Mewse is just brilliant as he proved at Matterley Basin with two superb rides (2-1 after a crash while leading race one) that won him the overall.

Unfortunately though, Mewse’ joy was short-lived when he got docked ten places in the second moto (that he won) for jumping on a waved yellow flag. It was an unfortunate end to a brilliant two days for Mewse but ultimately Mewse knows he was the best guy and he knows he is back to his best.

We caught up with Britain’s very talented teenager to get his take on his his day and being back on top form.

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Gatedrop: I don’t know what you done in the last two weeks but that was an absolutely brilliant performance this weekend, what are you thoughts on it?

Mewse: The last two weeks have kind of been a turning point. I started to get good starts, we have changed a few techniques and now everything is perfect, the mechanic is making the bike unbelievable. So, Yeah it’s all going well. This weekend the first race was a bit unfortunate but I was happy with my riding so I came away with second place. The second race I won it and then I came off the track and they told me they deducted me ten places, so I wasn’t too happy about that!

Gatedrop: Was that for jumping on the yellow flag?

Mewse: Yeah all I seen was a waving yellow flag on the landing and a still one on the take-off, so whether they stopped waving it for a second or I got it wrong I don’t know.

Gatedrop: Mentally though I guess it doesn’t matter because you know you were the best rider this weekend. 

Mewse: Yeah I came to do a job and I did it well, I am really happy about that. Whether I got deducted points or not it was a good weekend.

Gatedrop: I was in Spain last weekend and the first moto was pretty much just how things had been going for the last year and a half, fighting in the pack. Then the second moto you got a start and you were a different rider, what changed between motos?!

Mewse: Yeah, it was a bit of a different gate position. It’s all about the start in this class, you can’t come back through like you could in the 85s or 65s, they are all really good riders from position 1 to 20. But if you get the start, there is a different rider up there every week, so it all comes down to the start.

Mewse took the overall win on the podium but was then told he was docked ten places for jumping on a yellow flag. Pic: Nigel McKinstry

Mewse took the overall win on the podium but was then told he was docked ten places for jumping on a yellow flag. Pic: Nigel McKinstry

Gatedrop: Today you reminded me of when you were on 80s, you were riding like you were the guy to beat. Even in the first moto you were fourth but you didn’t get ahead of yourself, you let those guys battle then passed them all after, you seemed very confident. 

Mewse: I came into these rounds very confident after going 1-1 the last two weeks (in the Dutch and Belgian championships) so yeah when I went pole in qualifying by 1.5 seconds I was ready to go. In the first race I sat back a bit in fourth and watched their lines and picked them off and it was a good race.

Gatedrop: You obviously crashed in that one, but did you expect to catch Renaux again? That was some charge you put on!

Mewse: When I crashed I saw Prado was there and all I wanted to do was stay in second, then I saw I was catching Renaux and I thought I might be in with chance, so then I started pushing really hard. It was a shame I didn’t push a lap early but you always regret things don’t you.

Gatedrop: You were world champion on 85s when you came into the 125s, was it hard to deal with racing for tenth when you had been winning and you knew you were capable of winning in 125s too?

Mewse: Yeah it was, the qualifying is always a booster for me, if I get pole then I am really confident going into the races. But whenever you are first or tenth you have to go out there and give it your all.

Gatedrop: With Natzke and Prado two of your main rivals on the track is it good to be going out practicing with them every week?

Mewse: Yeah for sure, we are all along the lines of the same speed so it’s good to practice with them guys. Prado is leading the championship and I think Natzke is third so yeah there are in good position.

Gatedrop: Next year are you moving up to the 250f?

Mewse: Yeah next year I will go EMX250. But right now I am just concentrating on the 125s and getting this year done then we will concentrate on the four strokes.

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