Interview: Andrea Adamo on his world title triumph

Andrea Adamo won his first world title and did it on home soil in front of thousands of loud Italian fans, this is what he had to say about achieving his dream:

Andrea Adamo, the day our dream came true! Not only did you win the world title, you did it in front of your home crowd! How did that feel?

Yeah, it’s unbelievable. I am so happy and glad to be in this position. It was is a dream come true. All my family, me and everyone behind me, made so many sacrifices for this and finally I realised my dream. I am so thankfull for everyone, let’s enjoy it.

It didn’t look like you had any pressure today the way you were riding, you rode very calm. Was that the plan coming in, to not get flustered by the home crowd?

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Yeah it’s true, I rode pretty good. I was fast, consistent and not so many mistakes. I am really happy on my day and what I did and how I controlled the pressure this weekend. Really, I am so happy about it.

Did you expect to be world champion this year? I mean it’s your first year on a factory team and you are world champ!

No, I didn’t, I didn’t! It was really something that came from I don’t know where. All the hard work was finally paying off. I am really excited to be in this position.

Was it stressfull to battle Liam Everts, your teammate, for the championship the last few rounds? Did that make it different?

I mean, yeah for sure. When it is your teammate it is a bit different, you are always with him. It’s different that if you are against another rider but I hope that he is okay after the crash he did today and that he can finish P2 in the championship, because it would be something to go 1-2 would be really nice (for KTM).

How much has working with Joel Smets and all the support you get from a factory team help increase your level, because you were quick from the start of the year, it didn’t take long to find the speed?

With Joel, he did an amazing job with me. We really work hard this year. Every race we tried to give our best, give everything, I am really thankful for Joel, I need to be really thankful to Joel for the rest of my life.

Finally, Italy have a very strong team now for MXoN, Forato was very fast today as well – you could surprise a few people in Ernee!

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Now I can enjoy the races that are coming. There is still two races, Matterley and Ernee so I am really, really, looking forward to those races. We have a team that is strong for sure – it is going to be a nice one!

And will you ride with the number one plate next year?

I don’t know! (smiles) We are thinking too far ahead. I still need to realise I am world champion, I am not thinking that far.

Image: Ray Archer

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