Interview: Alessandro Lupino – Ready for the International Italian Championship!

“Hello Alessandro, how is your adventure going with the new team and the new bike?” 
“Everything is going well, I started the winter preparation with the new team in the Netherlands where I made contact for the first time with the Kawasaki. once the tuning of the bike was done, which is very different from the Honda I drove last year, I came back to Italy where I continued to work.Now after doing the tests with Solva and GET I am very satisfied and I have a vehicle ready for the races … Physically maybe I’m a bit behind the last year but everything goes according to plan and tomorrow I’ll move to Sardinia to do the finishing. “

“What’s the program for the next few weeks?” 
“Once the work on the body and riding in Sardinia is completed, I will participate in the first race of the year in Riola, then I will move with my trainer Christian Ravaglia in Sicily for the second round with the Internazionali d’Italia, only him and me and the van, an ideal situation to stay focused; then in Mantova there will also be the team with its structure and we will compete together for the first time. “

“To prepare to face the season in MXGP at the best it is important to do the Internazionali d’Italia?” 
“I think it’s essential to do it now; the level of pilots has risen a lot in recent years and therefore you have to take care of every detail of the preparation. Having three races before the world championship makes you work in this direction; if you have areas for improvement you can identify them during these races and you have time to remedy.The Internationals are organized on very, very well-chosen tracks: in Sardinia and in Sicily we are almost sure to find favorable weather conditions, while in Mantova, even if it rains, the sandy bottom would allow you to compete at best on a dug and channeled track and therefore very technically demanding. “

“Thank you so much for your availability and good luck!” 
“Long live the wolf, always!”