Interview: A quick catch up with Jed Beaton and Thomas Kjer Olsen

Jed Beaton and Thomas Kjer Olsen gave their thoughts ahead of the new season at the Rockstar Husqvarna launch, the pair, along with heralded 125 rider Kay De Wolf, will kick off their racing year at Hawkstone Park this weekend!

You’ve reportedly had a great winter. What can we expect in 2019?
Thomas Kjer-Olsen: “I felt very well last year. I had good results, was often on the podium and I had a lot of good matches. My winter went very well, so I really enjoyed RedSand. The goal for this year is simple: fighting for the title! I really like the new engine, at this moment everything looks excellent. I’m really looking forward to the new season. “

What do you think of your new teammates?
Olsen: “The cooperation with my new teammate Jed is going well. We rode a lot together, also with Kay De Wolf. Riding with someone else is always positive because it keeps you sharp. Even driving with Kay was great, he has already shown that he also has the speed at 125. “

You were very strong at the beginning of the season last year. That was also the case in 2017, but you came under more pressure later in the season.
Olsen: “A good preparation of course helps a lot but I actually finished the season just as I had started! I had three consecutive podiums in the first three Grand Prix and I was on the podium three times in the last three GPs. Of course you have to perform well for a whole year to play for the title so that is definitely my goal this year. “

Olsen and Beaton with their trainer Rasmus Jörgensen Pic: Bavo

What are your first impressions after the first months with the team?
Jed Beaton: “Of course it is very different than last year at F & H Racing. The people are new, the engine is new. But I think the adjustment really went smoothly. The team is doing a great job and the engine is really great. Our time in RedSand was not only positive in terms of training, it was also a good way to get to know the other people in the team better. I have also been able to build up well in terms of riding. “

You come back from a heavy injury in early June. That is very different than when you can build on a strong season.
Beaton: “That’s right, but my injury is now completely a thing of the past. In terms of race rhythm it is of course long ago that I have been at the start, but my goal is to always improve and stay consistent. Hopefully I will be able to get on the podium again at the middle or the end of the season. “