Hunter Lawrence on a 450?

Hunter Lawrence has put up a picture of a 450 with his number on it – so will the Aussie be the guy to replace Roczen (who is out of contract with Honda at the end of 2022 anyway) indoors on the opposite coast? Lawrence of course has a very technically sound style that should suit the 450 very well, so it could be a good combination, this year and possibly beyond, on the HRC machine.

Jett Lawrence was recently asked if he would consider racing a 450 on the West coast but Jett felt Hunter would be better suited saying: “I think I’ll worry about 450 when I get to it. Anytime that I’ll have away from supercross I’ll be focusing on trying to defend the outdoor title, because that’s a whole other basket of stuff. I think I probably won’t. Maybe Hunter. I feel like he’s going to be pretty lethal on a 450. We’ll have to wait and see. In my eyes, I still think he sucks. [laughs] I think any time if I’m away from the East Coast, I’m going to be focusing on outdoors. That’s my next main goal is defending that. I know that the boys are going to come in swinging pretty hard.”

Image: Hunter Lawrence IG