Herlings on losing titles to Gajser due to injury – everyone knows what I’m capable of!

Jeffrey Herlings talks to Gypsy tales about his injuries and losing a lot of titles to Tim Gajser!

“I see this as a break, I was always rushing back to racing. I had an injury in 2019 where I shattered my food and I to get another surgery but I never had time todo it, then i had a plate in my left foot where I broke my heal in a photoshoot crash, stupid me, in January.

“I am taking this as a break, I am not really training or anything at all, take it as a break to have a more good more years coming. I am 27 right now and would like to race for 3 or 4 more years. I have won five world titles, I have lost a few when I was really close to them due to injury.

“My right foot was always bothering me, it was always painful, I had a feeling it was always stopping me. Now I hope it’s going to be all solved. Next year is my contract year too, it’s going to be a very important year.

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“Everyone knows what I am capable of, if you see the last year’s when I was there and raced the full series, I basically won the championship. The other riders, they know it, I know it, my problem is to finish a year. I made a lot of crashes by being dumb. This photo shoot crash, just because I wasn’t focused, the same in 2019 (also practicing) just not focused, I’ve never really had big injuries when i am in competition, I am made of glass man, when I touch the ground I break a bone!

“That neck thing, I was paralyzed for an hour, it was like they put the electric back in the wall – everything starting working again! I broke C1 in my neck, which I think is the most dangerous one because if you break it bad you are paralysed from the chin downward and I didn’t have feeling from the chin downwards. Even the day after I didn’t have any pain, it was a small, small crack.

When you race motocross, you know the risk you know you can die, be paralysed, you seen a lot of riders get paralysed unfortunately, the risk of breaking bones. You know the risk of racing dirt bikes.”

On Gajser…. in 18 and 21 he didn’t win, he won 19 and even 20 – I was leading by 60 points. He just won because I cleaned myself out and I cleaned myself out this year. If you look at all the championships he’s raced, he’s never beaten me straight up in the championship. In 2015 I was leading by 150 points , in 2017 I lost the championship due to myself and that’s pretty frustrating.

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