Herlings IN for next two British Championship rounds

Image: MXGP/Infront Moto Racing | Quotes via MXLarge

Jeffrey Herlings is continuing to build as the MXGP World Championship progresses and had a strong GP in Germany which is far from his favourite track and a circuit that has caught him out in the past. You feel that an MXGP overall win could be just around the corner provided he can get good starts like race two in Germany.

Geoff Meyer from MXLarge caught up with Herlings after the German GP where he confirmed he’ll race the next two rounds of the British Championship after already contesting the first two rounds – this will mean he will contest the first four rounds.

“I am going to do the next round of the British at Blaxhall on the 23rd of June and then Foxhill on the 14th of July, so two British rounds before and after Indonesia. We confirmed that this weekend”.

On asked if he’ll contest the whole series, Herlings responded:

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“That isn’t confirmed yet, but I would love to, and I think it might happen. At the moment just Blaxhall and Foxhill for now. I really enjoy doing the British, I mean, last week was at Canada Heights and it was such a good track. Those tracks are so much fun and Foxhill is one of the best tracks I have ever raced at. I really enjoy it and I like the competition there and they really respect me”. 

On his friendship with Tommy Searle after being rivals in the past…

Tommy and I used to fight for the championships, and we could have drunk each others blood, but now we are really good friends and whenever I come to England, he does his vlogs and always has me in them, its fun. I really enjoyed that, me Tommy and some of his friends. I also have a new sponsor with Dirt Store now that I race more in England, so I really would like to do all the rounds.

You can read the entire interview, here.