Hans Corvers on Yamaha’s future and a potential change in structure

There’s been rumours in the GP paddock that Yamaha will be changing structure for the 2024 season. Hans Corvers the team owner of the successful MX2 team has been rumoured of running the MXGP setup next year.

We asked the Belgian after the Lommel MXGP and he didn’t give too much away but things should be clear soon and he didn’t totally rule out changes emerging.

“From my side that I can say, in the next days, weeks and I hope in the next two weeks, it will be clear. Also for me because I hear also the rumours and I cannot say that we don’t talk internally but nothing is done. Nothing is done but I can say at this moment, nothing is signed and so long that nothing is signed I continue in MX2 – minimum until the end of the season and we will see what is going to be on the table. I hope it is clear in two weeks”.

The good news is that Corvers thinks both Yamaha teams will still run three riders in each class which is promising.

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“It looks like that we will go again with three riders. So far that is what I hear from YME (Yamaha Motor Europe) but again between now and two weeks everything will normally be clear”. 

You can listen to the full interview below:

Image: Yamaha Racing