Hakon Fredriksen offers health update

Image: Seven One Pictures

Hakon Fredriksen signed with the WZ KTM team coming into the 2024 season to contest the MX2 World Championship. However, he’s been struggling with his health since the start of the season and hasn’t raced since round two in Spain.

It has taken sometime to figure out, but Fredriksen has now confirmed he’s got Epstein–Barr virus for the second time.

The WZ KTM rider posted the update below:

Hello everyone. Not the news I wanted to share with you! After a loooong time struggling with my body we have finally found out what the problem is. I’m going through Epstein–Barr virus for the second time. Since it’s rare to have it twice it’s taken so long to figure it out.

“It’s a hard pill to swallow having to sit out races, not being able to train and do my job but for the moment the only thing I can do is to rest and let the body heal. The good thing is that I now know what it is and one thing is sure – I’ll be back, I ain’t no quitter. A big thanks to my team, helpers and sponsors for sticking behind me”.