Gianluca Facchetti steps away from professional MX racing

At the age of 22, Gianluca Facchetti has decided to step away from professional motocross. The Italian won the FIM 125cc Junior World Championship in 2017. A special achievement after he was seriously injured in a car accident in 2015.

After a season at Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing (2020), Facchetti made the switch to the World Championship with Beddini KTM. After a high speed crash at Argentina early in the season it ruled him out for the rest of the season.

Facchetti posted the following statement on social media:

I became passionate about this sport by chance, seeing my older brother ride a motorcycle. Driven by the desire to get into the saddle and get myself into the game I started in 2009 with mini crosses. Right away I realized that my abilities would allow me to achieve great successes and go far, so I chose to live because of that passion.

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The first great achievements came in 2010 when I entered the blue shirt. It was an honor for me to represent the Italian national team and to win in those years. In 2013 at the age of only 13, I joined the Suzuki team, I realized that thanks to their stimulus I can achieve new goals, in fact in 2015 I joined the official team of the great Claudio de Carli and of my id Who’s got a new one? Antonio Cairoli. Motocross is a sport that requires a lot of consistency, a lot of physical training, it requires to be disciplined like soldiers, it requires a lot of effort and a lot of sacrifices that I have always done motivated by a big dream.

In 2015 unfortunately I was a victim of a serious accident that endangered my life and career…
Despite that, I didn’t give up and after a very hard and demoralizing period for me, also thanks to the support of my family, I decided not to give up and not give up. In 2016 I finally got back on track and my grit allowed me to achieve very important goals that until then were unattainable for me, in fact in 2017 I start working with Maddi a great pillar of motocross and Together with Marco and Corrado I manage to do a great thing working, winning the world championships.

It was the best year of my life, I got so many victories, it was my stepping stone to 2018 where I got a lot of satisfaction with the 250 still achieving great results. In 2019/20 I become part of the Yamaha family, but unfortunately during that time I had a series of physical complications that put my career to the test following that nasty accident. I tried to cope even this bad time and in 2021 I will launch in the mx2 world championship, achieving some small goals.

Shortly after the start of this year in Argentina at the start of the second round following a contact with another rider I got injured again and from there everything was very difficult and I had to stop. Despite great determination, willpower, persistence and efforts, sometimes it is necessary to listen to your own physique, unfortunately I realized that it is necessary for me to pause this beautiful chapter of my life, never giving up. 

I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given me these years, for the warmth you send me daily and for how much you believe in me. I love the bike I’m still very hungry and whatever the future holds I’ll never change my attitude and always give 200% Don’t worry, I’ll update you on this new adventure of mine and we’ll write many more exciting pages of this new chapter together. Thank you so much to everyone.

Image: Infront Moto Racing