Gerard Congost re-signs with Jezyk Racing

Congost will return to Jezyk Racing Team structure during the 2022 season. The Catalan rider will contest the MX2 Spanish Championship, the EMX250 Championship and selected MX2 GP’s on a KTM SX-F 250cc in what will be his second year among the members of the intercontinental grill.

In his first globalist season, which has given him a plus of knowledge facing the future, he scored in the Turkey Grand Prix and in Garda Trentino’s. Congost has been with the team in the past and achieved the 125cc Spanish Championship in 2019 and, two years before, in 2017 he had already achieved an 85cc title!

Gerard Congost: “The truth is that I came after a season of much learning at the MX2 World Champinship, I’m happy to be back to Jezyk because, the Team Manager, always helps us and we already have a very big relationship. Got to start working hard alongside the rest of the team and with Flow Motion Racing our motor and suspension prep. I hope that with the experience I have gained with the 250cc in the World Championship, we are now in the highest positions as possible in Europe.”

Carlos Morchón: “For us it’s a pleasure to have back a rider we’ve seen grow up as Gerard. After a first season in the World Championship, it comes a lot shorter by the demand of the highest level of competition and we believe we can give him the weapons so he can do the best in Europe. Without a doubt, we started working already to get to the start of the National de MX2 in the best conditions”.

Words: Press Release