Gallery: Fantic Racing – 2023 look

Check out Fantic’s new look for the 2023 season as they gear up for the upcoming season. The team will have a busy awning with the following line up:

Tom Guyon MX2 Fantic XXF 250 #27
Hakon Osterhagen MX2/EMX250 Fantic XXF 250 #312
Cas Valk EMX250 Fantic XX 250 #172
Alexis Fueri EMX250 Fantic XX 250 #717
Maximilian Werner EMX125 Fantic XX 125 #494
Elias Escandell EMX125 Fantic XX 125 #6
Lynn Valk WMX Fantic XXF 250 #172

Images by Davide Messora.