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Gallery: Ducati’s setup as they make their MX debut

Gallery: Ducati’s setup as they make their MX debut

No doubt it was a very important weekend for the Italians, for European Motocross, but especially for Ducati.

At the weekend, in Mantova a brand new motorbike from Borgo Panigale manufacturer has made its debut in the motocross paddock.

Ducati Desmo 450MX was on the start at the first round of the Prestige Italian MX Championship.

Alessandro Lupino (official test & race rider) was the fastest in qualifying day, winning the Superpole before finishing second overall on Sunday.

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Marco & Corrado Maddii as the official Maddii (Ducati) Racing Team with project manager Antonio Cairoli should be satisfied, because first official race day was good for new machine.

It’s first step into the brand new chapter of famous Italian manufacturer.

Everybody are interested in how good and reliable this new motor construction will be.

Lot of fans and specialists wait for next interesting step – confrontation with another brand new motorbike – Triumph.

At this moment we can be patient only, because Ducati started with 450cc bike, and Triumph with the 250cc.

So first battle between two “big beginners” will be at least in 2025 or later, depending of first results and later decisions.

But remember: both manufacturers employed best of the best professionals to realise new project. British Triumph has Ricky Carmichael and Jeff Stanton, and Italian Ducati has Antonio Cairoli and Marco & Corrado Maddii. It shows clearly how important is this new chapter for famous manufacturers.

Competition between both great symbols of motorbike world will be another reason to set the fire inside our hearts and minds. This is what we really love!

Now take a look how nice and strongly red is new Ducati bike, and how looks brand new factory tent on the motocross paddock.

Words: Alex Skoczek/

Images: Marta Strozyk/