Gallery: Bike-it Dixon Kawasaki

It was a strong performance from both Taylor Hammal and second moto winner, Wilson Todd, at the opening round of the British championship in Culham. See some images from the race and a practice session during the the week with images by Chewy media.

Todd said of his day (3-1) for second overall: “The weekend went well for me, being inside the top 3 all day was good. I wasn’t quite the fastest guy all day, but it was very productive to get out and try the setup. Getting back out there behind some gate drops and getting the feel for racing again is really helpful too.”

With Hammal (4-3) taking fourth overall just a point off the podium saying: “It was a pretty good start to the championship which, to be honest, I didn’t expect. Overall was a good solid day with two good motos. The first race had to battle all race but was a close finish at the end and second race pulled up to 3rd. A 4th and a 3rd is a positive start which I’m pleased about. Bit gutted I missed the podium but was happy with my riding. We got a lot more to give to will keep on building. Big thanks to the team all round for getting everything done for the first round and to all those who help me out”