Frustrated Barcia on what could have been!

Justin Barcia was riding fantastic at Daytona, on the pace of the big three with a podium within reach until he collided with a wayward Sexton twice and both times he was blameless!

Sexton cut across Barcia twice after making his own mistake and, after being forced off the track the first time, the second incident left the Gas Gas man on the ground and apodium out of reach – but Barcia had one of his best performances of the season.

Barcia and Sexton had words after the race with Sexton apologising on the podium.

Justin commented: “”This was my best practice and qualifying of the year. That was awesome, and I ended up P6. Very happy with that. In the heat race, I didn’t get the best start but had some of the fastest lap times and moved up to third. In the main event, I got a good start and was running fourth. I had the leaders in front of me, and tried to make a pass and got a little tangled. Then I came back, tried to make another pass, and got tangled again. Fourth was all it wrote. I’m really disappointed. It definitely was a podium night with my speed and the bike was really good. I really like Indy. It’s a good vibe there and a good stadium. I do well there, and I want to be on the podium.”

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