Forkner injury update

The unlucky Austin Forkner, who got knocked off in mid-air by a wayward Jett Lawrence has reported a broken collarbone as a result of the clash.

This time, through no fault of his own, the luckless Forkner will now be forced to sit on the sidelines for another supercross season.

Austin said: “Well, collarbone is broke but after watching how hard I hit, lucky it wasn’t worse. Same one from last year just broken around the plate and through a couple of screws. I knew it was broken as soon as I got up.  

“I’ve just been dreading making the post about it, but I guess here it is. You know, I really was trying to make changes this year to my riding and my mentality to be ok with not being the fastest guy at every race, or settling for a 3rd or a 5th at times so I would be at every race and make it to the end of the season. And if that left me with a championship then great, but if not then so be it. But that’s why this sport is so damn tough because sometimes none of that matters and things just happen. Anyways, it is what it is. I do really appreciate all the support from everyone, it means a lot. I’ll be back.”

Meanwhile an apologetic Lawrence said: “I was feeling really good all day today for my second round. I really gelled with the track, and the bike was feeling awesome. I made a few stupid mistakes, and I’m really disappointed in myself; I’m not happy one bit. The only takeaway is that the bike has been great. I’m just very disappointed and looking forward to the next round. Thankfully I’m okay but very, very sorry. My riding was good and the track was awesome. I made too many mistakes, and if I didn’t make them, there wouldn’t have been carnage. Obviously the main topic from tonight was the [Austin] Forkner crash. I’m truly sick to my stomach that it happened. I’ve never intentionally wanted to take anyone out like that or hurt someone. I’m sorry to Austin, his girlfriend Rylee and the Forkner family. I’m truly, truly sorry. I have nothing much else to say besides that. The rest of the night was great. The bike is handling awesome, and the team was awesome. I just need to tidy up my mistakes if I want a chance at the title.”

Image: Kawasaki