Finnish MXGP Saturday thoughts – Sacha Coenen shines!

Sacha Coenen delivered his best result at a GP today to take second place at a wet and difficult Finnish qualifying race, and showed the potential of the very diminutive 16 year old who could take the world by storm in the next few years.

In fact, if S. Coenen had the height of his twin brother Lucas, there is no doubt he would have at least a podium already and maybe even a win. The speed is there but the strength and height isn’t as of yet, in fact, it’s absolutely remarkable just how fast he can go with his vertical challenges at the highest level of the sport.

Lucas, only six days ago, said that his brother was capable of podiums at this level, telling us: “For sure if he grows a little bit, that will help him. He has the speed for sure. He just needs to find a good balance with the bike and him and then he will be up front soon.”

While his team manager Cairoli told us: “Sacha is a big talent, of course but he does need to grow to have a little bit more power for these bikes. They’re so powerful and so difficult to ride and he is still so young. He just needs to develop his muscles and when he gets a little bit the step I think he will be easily out in the front.”

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Sacha (between Jago and Lucas above) has immense skill, but his determination and will to win is the most impressive. He has many disadvantages but he overcame them all to finish second, 25 seconds ahead of Jago Geerts, and just five behind race winner, Simon Laegenfelder, underlining the potential he has.

Sacha is so reminiscent of a young Ricky Carmichael with his intensity on the track, he will never give in and is so determined to find a way to the front. If he can grow even slightly into the height of RC and have the strength, the world will need to watch out, because he will be an unbelievable mix of talent and determination to win at any cost.

Let’s hope he can grow slightly so we can see his full potential in GPs and America. Any move to the US means supercross whoops and right now, at his current height, that could be a tough thing to adapt too. But if he gets the height and strength, the world will know the name of Sacha Coenen.

The kid, like his brother, is very special.

Cover image: Ray Archer

Article: Jonathan McCready