FIM Europe: Enduro 2022 renewed excitement until the end in Pietramontecorvino

On the second day of the opening round of the Borilli European Enduro Championship, the MOTOCROSS MARKETING ROUND 1, in Pietramontecorvino, Italy, victory was again decided only on the very last special stage: 

After a heavy crash right in the first enduro test of the year, local hero Enrico Rinaldi lost almost half a minute. In the course of the competition, the GasGas rider fought his way further and further to the front, but third place was the end for him. 

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At the front, the previous day’s winner Erik Willems from Belgium had taken the lead. But in the last Enduro stage, “I was just playing it safe, but maybe a little too safe,” Willems said afterwards. So the Briton Dan Mundell took the overall lead before the last crosstest with just half a second ahead. This made it really exciting once again, but as on the previous day, Willems again played out his motocross skills. He won the last cross test by less than two seconds ahead of Mundell, thus turning the tide in his favour once again. In the championship, he now leads both the overall standings and the E2 class by a clear margin and goes to the second round in Hungary as the leader. 

The new class classification meant that Maurizio Micheluz was still at the top of the podium: The Italian had been thrown into the same class as the four-stroke riders with his 250cc two-stroke Husqvarna – but according to the motto ” the more competitors, the more honour‘.” he was also able to win the new Enduro 2 class and is perhaps heading for his fourteenth championship title! Micheluz is even not yet racing in the seniors. 

In the women’s category, Nieve Holmes won by a clear margin on both days: The British rider has returned to the brand with which she started in international enduro racing with a Sherco. Faster than her was the Frenchwoman Marine Lemoine – but always only a few seconds and only in the cross tests. In the demanding enduro stage, Holmes was usually at least a minute faster than the other ladies. 

Italian Luca Piersigilli won already the championship: the 24MX 50cc Trophy, on his Beta. This class is only contested in Italy this year, so Piersigilli, who is only 15 years old, was crowned the new champion here. 

Of the total of five young participants, only two riders were classified in the end – the terrain had simply proved too difficult, both for the small-displacement motorbikes and for the still inexperienced riders. 

Several hundred spectators were present at the big award ceremony. 

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In less than two weeks, the starting signal for the second round of the Borilli European Enduro Championship will be given again: then it’s off to Hungary: Tamasi is located southeast of Lake Balaton.