Ferrandis added to the supercross injury list – very frustrated

Dylan Ferrandis will not be lining up this weekend in Indy as he joins the growing injury list after his crash in Detroit.

Dylan said: “Unfortunately I will not line up at Indy this weekend, during the main event in Detroit I took a deep rut on the over on-off jump and landed too short on the front wheel, didn’t crash but my right wrist absorbed all the impact and I had to withdraw from the race, diagnosis show nothing’s broken just bone bruise luckily, but the pain and soreness will not allow me to ride at the level I am suppose to.

“It’s been a tough first part of the season so far and I am very frustrated to have not been able to show yet what I am capable of but it’s part of racing, glad I have good team and people around me to be supportive in this difficult time.”

Image: Yamaha