Fantic presents new 2022 range – four-stroke!

Starting today it will be possible to experience Fantic Racing emotions, choosing between the model and displacement that best meets your expectations in off-road riding. Ready to make their debut on the Motocross market, are the 4-stroke XXF 250 and XXF 450, which join the XX 250 and XX 125 two-strokes. On the Enduro front, the first of its kind is the four-stroke XE.

Four Fantic models are dedicated to Motocross; XX and XXF, with 2 stroke and 4 strokes engines:
• Fantic XX 125 2T
• Fantic XX 250 2T
• Fantic XXF 250 4T
• Fantic XXF 450 4T

Three core models make the XE Enduro range, with 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines:
• Fantic XE 125 2T
• Fantic XEF 250 4T
• Fantic XEF 450 4T

FANTIC “NEWRACINGERA” – Fantic wants to rewrite the concept of off-road. Through a constant effort to develop the best racing bike ever, without making any compromises, Fantic puts all the competences of the Racing Dept and of the Factory Teams, winning on the racetracks, at the service of the young talents and champions of tomorrow.

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Fantic transfers to its production models, available at official Fantic dealers, solutions and equipment that before now were characterised only in Factory bikes: here is the FANTIC FACTORYFEELING. The Fantic range has been racing since birth, with motorcycles designed to win, in every situation and in every race, able to guarantee every rider the quality of a Factory bike, thanks to the continuous transfer of knowledge between racing and production.

The aim? Only one goal: offering high performance motorbikes with excellence in all departments. A perfect balance, an idyllic mix of power, agility, manoeuvrability, and reliability capable of offering riding emotions and top performance in every category; a choral symphony that works at all levels. It begins with ambition, that drives through the design phase, to the realisation of components developed by Fantic’s research and development department, in collaboration with leading companies and technical partners, for delivery of an excellent motorcycle.

NEW2STROKEERA – The experience gained with the official factory teams in top level competition and the continuous developments of the Fantic Racing Department led by Jan Witteveen are now available in production bikes, also in the new 250 2-stroke engine size, which now joins the already victorious 125 in Enduro and Motocross. The infinite emotion of the two-stroke – and its intrinsic lightness, simplicity, and explosiveness – is now available to all enthusiasts thanks to thee adrenaline-filled models, two MX (XX 125, XX 250) and one Enduro (XE 125).

NEW4STROKEERA – From here on the Enduro and MX range become greatly enlarged, thus meeting the needs of every type of rider. The NEWRACINGERA is now also four-stroke thanks to four new bikes in the range. They are thoroughbreds born from the unquestionable Yamaha quality and reliability as far as engines and frames are concerned, now obviously optimised by Fantic, to make the experience even more racing and even more unique. Specifically, for the XXF 250 we have worked on the power unit with the aim of maximising the performance of the Japanese twin cam. On the more exuberant XXF 450, on the other hand, the Fantic racing department intervened to make the bike even more balanced in all conditions of use.

FANTIC RANGE XX and XXF MOTOCROSS MY 2022 – There are four models in
the Fantic Motocross range, with 2-stroke (125 and 250) and 4-stroke (250 and 450) engines.

XX 125 2T – The eighth of a litre XX 125 that this season is once again dominating in the European scene with Hakon Osterhagen is destined to make way for an all-new bike, which will be unveiled next autumn. Any previews? It will be a “revolutionary” eighth-litre motorbike.

XX 250 2T – Equally surprising is the XX 250, already in stock for all enthusiasts. A bike that comes from the experience of the Fantic Factory Team Maddii, already a winner with Nicholas Lapucci, and equipped with special parts such as the Fantic Racing piston developed by Jan Witteveen. The explosive power of its two-stroke engine is even easier to manage thanks to the Fantic control unit with double mapping and handlebar switches: “Map1” is the full power one, while “Map2” reduces the power, delays the ignition timing and is suitable for the most treacherous terrains. The Fantic exhaust system is also equipped with a refined Arrow aluminium silencer. The chassis is a reference point, thanks to the excellent qualities of the semidouble-cradle aluminium frame – light and strong – and the KYB suspension, with a 48 mm diameter SSS (Speed Sensitive System) fork, 300 mm of travel and MX settings analysed and perfected by the Fantic racing department. The monoshock provides 315mm of wheel travel and is separately adjustable for preload, compression and rebound. The chassis package is completed by an aluminium alloy swingarm and DID rims with sizes 21×1.60 – 18×2.15 to accommodate Pirelli 80/100-21 and 110/90-19 tyres. All Nissin brakes, with 270 mm disc at the front and 240 mm at the rear. The ergonomics, cared for in every detail, makes the Fantic XX 250 an intuitive bike that is easy to ride in any situation.

XXF250 4T and XXF450 4T – All the power and riding characteristics typical of 4-stroke motorbike are now available in the Fantic Motocross range thanks to the XXF 250 and XXF 450. The torque, power and delivery that characterise the 4 stroke engines are managed by the RX1Pro Athena-GET control unit, developed by the Fantic Racing Department: a race control unit mounted on a standard bike, which immediately facilitates the approach to the saddle thanks to the switch on the handlebar that allows you to select the ideal map. Fantic offers 3 different possible settings: Standard, Hard and Soft, which can also be customised to suit your needs. The Arrow exhaust, with titanium silencer as standard, is a real factory bike plus. The excellent chassis and the ergonomics, are a result of the riding experience gained by the Fantic official riders, making the new Fantic XXF range really extraordinary. Both motorbikes are equipped with traction control and GET launch control, as testimony of their racing soul. A great plus is the LC-GPA screen positioned on the mudguard to better manage starts and display the different traction control levels.

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The MX 4T range is equipped with the “WiGET” smartphone app, which allows you to adjust the settings of the control unit by managing the advance map and the carburation map: the perfect solution to always have available the ideal setup for every type of terrain and weather condition. You can find pre-set map settings developed by Fantic Racing or create the ideal mapping for your riding style and needs. On the XXF 250, development has been made to improve performance thanks to a perfect balance between engine, control unit and exhaust components. On the XXF 450 Fantic Racing has worked to offer the user a powerful 450, but at the same time an easy, intuitive and rideable motorcycle. Strength lies in the chassis, thanks to an aluminium perimeter frame and KYB suspension with a 48mm SSS (Speed Sensitive System) forks coupled with a fully adjustable monoshock, as well as, obviously, ergonomics developed by Fantic factory riders. Nissin brakes of course, with 270mm disc (310 mm travel) and 240mm disc (317 mm travel) at the front and rear respectively.

FANTIC RANGE XE and XEF ENDURO MY 2022 – Three Fantic Enduro models, with 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.

XE 125 2T – The eighth-litre two-stroke, which repeatedly wins in national and World championship competitions, presents itself as the reference for the smallest of the Enduro displacements. The main innovations derive directly from the commitment of official Fantic teams and their riders; making this bike even more competitive.

The engine of the XE 125 Enduro is a 125 cc liquid-cooled 2-stroke single-cylinder, which compared to the MX ’21 version has a cylinder head with dedicated geometry and a lower compression ratio (MX version: 8.6 ~ 10.7 : 1 – enduro version: 7.4 ~ 8.8 : 1).

The CDI control unit also has ignition with a specific setting for Enduro use, as well as an oversized generator that feeds the 12V battery. The XE 125’s exhaust system, developed in collaboration with Arrow, has an expansion system specifically designed for use in narrow single tracks, which particularly optimises cornering at low revs and at the same time improves traction and delivery: this means ease of riding thanks to the absence of power dips or peaks that are difficult to manage.

Big plus is the aluminium semi-double cradle frame, extraordinarily light and strong and able to give great traction and stability in both the fastest and roughest sections and, at the same time, a lot of agility in the most driven sections typical of Enduro. The suspension is the excellent and assured KYB SSS (Speed Sensitive System) forks with 48 mm 300 mm of travel, with an Enduro setting created specifically by the racing department and able to adapt, with a few clicks, to various riding styles, from the most hardened riders to beginners. KYB is also on the rear, with a monoshock (315mm of wheel travel), separately adjustable for preload, compression and rebound.

Completing the package is an alloy swingarm, DID rims in sizes 21×1.60 – 18×2.15 mounted with Metzeler 90/90-21” \ 120/90-18” tyres. The final drive ratio is 13:50, while the braking system comes directly from Nissin, synonymous with power and modularity thanks to the 270 mm front and 245 mm rear discs.

XEF 250 4T and XEF 450 4T – Fantic’s 250 four-stroke stands out for its continuous search for power and usability over the entire range of use. The engine, control unit, exhaust, phenomenal chassis, together with the care given to all of its components, make the XEF 250 a vehicle ready to compete in all conditions.

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The XEF 450 completes the Fantic Enduro offering; a brand new project resulting from the work of the Fantic research and development department that sums up the best concepts of agility, handling, power distribution and traction of the Yamaha 4-stroke engine.

The XEF 450 electronic management is entrusted to the Athena-GET control unit, developed by the Fantic Racing Department. Thanks to the WiGET App, here too it is possible to easily set and modify – if necessary – the bike’s settings according to the rider’s needs and riding conditions. The Arrow exhaust, with aluminium silencer, is also another reference to the Fantic’s class. The chassis is an added strength of the XEF 450, first and foremost thanks to the rigorous yet agile aluminium perimeter frame, as is the KYB multi-adjustable suspension package, capable of satisfying the rider’s every desire.

“We are ready to make another big leap forward – explains Mariano Roman, CEO of Fantic Motor – projecting our company towards really interesting market scenarios. The completion of the racing range, both in terms of Motocross and Enduro, finally allows us to compete on equal terms with the main competitors in this sector. A sector that has always represented the highest expression of off-road technology. Research and development in the world of the most extreme competitions have allowed us, thanks to the excellent work of Fantic teams and official riders, not only to celebrate great victories and titles, but, above all, to make available to all enthusiasts, motorbikes with a “factory feeling”, not just simple “production bikes”. This is what makes us different from our competitors, more than a “factory brand” we are a new reality that has redesigned the approach to competition and made it accessible to everyone, starting directly from “pole position”. This is the spirit that animates our entire Enduro and Motocross range, which will be available at official Fantic dealers from September”