Everts, Seewer and Prado on Jett Lawrence

Stefan Everts was known as the perfect motocross rider in his day and to many he still has the most perfect motocross technique in history, but the man who rides most like him in this era is Jett Lawrence, who of course worked with Stefan and Harry when at Suzuki when Hunter was a factory rider.

Jett Lawrence, who went undefeated on a 450 outdoors in the US in 2023, has acknowledged the help Stefan and Harry gave him during his time in Europe (read here) so Andy McKinstry asked Stefan, Hunter’s good friend Jeremy Seewer and the MXGP championship leader, the man who is as smooth and as technical as Jett, Jorge Prado, about their thoughts on Jett Lawrence and his performances in 2023 ahead of the MXoN in Ernee.

Stefan Everts: Jett and Hunter have been doing really good and I am happy to see them come through there. What they do is really good and I saw in the past that these two kids have great talents and that one day they would be at the top. I am happy to see them do so well there.

Yeah, maybe I was an influence for some riders but not all of the young kids remember me riding the way I rode. I think, Jett and Hunter, they knew a little bit about my background and we worked a bit together also with my Dad. At the end of the day they are both very talented riders and it’s the same with Jorge Prado, there’s not too much to teach them. It’s about details and certain things because the rest they know how to do it. With some help here or there it can make a big influence.

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Jeremy Seewer: I am looking forward to spending some time with Hunter besides racing as well as racing. The Nations is always something special and to line up for Switzerland, I am looking forward to that because the French crowd is always one of the best, it is going to be on another level I think, crazy stuff, Jett, he has big hype but let’s see what he can do in Europe. You can not forget that things are different over here, I mean we went to the US last year and they have a little bit of an advantage with bike setup but okay in the end it was a mudder so okay, but this year they come to our tracks. Let’s see what they can do but for sure with Jett, you can definitely see the level he is at now, he can be fast everywhere. It is going to be tricky to beat him but I am looking forward to racing him.

Jorge Prado: My goal is to win the World Championship. The Nations is just a race we can enjoy with the team and I am looking forward to racing him as well as the rest of the field. I know he is doing good there but the level we have in MXGP, it is incredible and it is not only the level, the tracks we race… so rough! I mean it is not easy, when tracks are a bit more flat riders for an example like myself that are not so big it can help. When the track is like what we had today in Arnhem, you can still battle but you have to be 100% to be winning.

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