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Eli Tomac on his new contract and why he is coming back

Eli Tomac on his new contract and why he is coming back
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Eli Tomac has been talking to Steve Matthes about the moment in Denver his Achilles snapped and cost him a title and a perfect exit from the sport. Eli spoke about his emotions and disbelief in the moment as well as providing more clarity on his contract that sees the legend return in 2024.

Tomac said his Achilles was totally ruptured and admitted: “At first I was totally pissed and the I was just angry at the world, I was in disbelief and then I was kind of over it. I had accomplished a lot of things and do I really need to do anymore? Then it turned into I don’t want to end my career like this.”

And that, thankfully is why he’s back with a supercross contract in hand and the option to do MX and SMX. Tomac clarified: “Supercross only right now and see how things go but we are kind of leaving an option there for moto and SMX.”

Tomac is all in for 2024 supercross and hopes to be back on the bike in November.

Listen to the interview with Steve below for all the details including his recovery from the injury, his emotions at the time and why standing on the balls of his feet, that caused the injury, won’t be changing:

Image: Yamaha

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