Ducati chasing Cooper Webb’s supercross signature?

Robb Beams has heard that Ducati, with their impending move to MX and SX in both MXGP and AMA are very keen on signing two time supercross champ, Cooper Webb!

Beams said on the Moto Aftermath Podcast: “I don’t know anything about Ducati (their bike). I don’t think there is any of your listeners think about Ducati and think about a low budget team. It will be a big budget team and the fact they are already trying to get Cooper Webb tells you they are not playing games.”

Webb had been very much rumoured to go to Star Yamaha, but are they waiting on an answer for Tomac first? Who knows, you also have the WSX thrown in, could Webb do AMA SX and WSX on a Ducati which, alongside MXGP, would be a huge global marketing statement for the brand looking to make their presence felt in the dirt bike market?

It is an interesting time in road racing with the European brands dominating in MotoGP and WSB, with Ducati themselves at the forefront along with Aprillia and KTM.

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KTM alongside Husky and Gas Gas are at the forefront in motocross and with Beta showing good things in their first couple of seasons and Triumph and Ducati coming in future seasons, the landscape in the sport is changing rapidly. And, the great thing is, it shows how popular and influential the premier off-road series’ are in a global motorcycle market for manufacurers, it also means more rides for top riders and hopefully good salaries.

The next few years are going to be very interesting in SX and motocross, we could have Triumph and Ducati battling for MXGP, WSX and AMA titles!

Interestingly, Lewis Phillips says Anstie was also approached by Ducati for supercross with a GP team also earmarked..the Italian giant is moving quickly!