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Different grates hurting Tomac’s starts?

Different grates hurting Tomac’s starts?

Eli Tomac has been riding well recently but his starts have been terrible, all the more surprising given that last year, on the sane bike, Tomac had consistently good starts.

So what is the issue? Tomac told Lewis Phillips he’s still searching but the only difference is the grates: “I wish I could pinpoint it because my starts were better last year. Our engine package hasn’t changed, overall setup for starts. I don’t know got to figure it out.

“The one thing that has changed is the grates, so I don’t know if it’s a different flex characteristics or something. That’s the only thing that has changed, the grates themselves.”

Let’s see if Tomac can turn those starts around tonight in triple crown, with starts arguably even more important that a regular single 20 minute main event.

Image: Yamaha