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Dennis Verbruggen steps away from the sport

Dennis Verbruggen steps away from the sport

Former Grand Prix Motocross rider, Dennis Verbruggen who has been working as a coach has decided to step away from the sport.

The Belgian says it’s not possible for him to remain in the sport due to what the future of Motocross looks like.

We’d like to wish Verbruggen all the best with his future in what he decides to do next.

“With regret I distance myself from the sport that has given me so much in recent years. Unfortunately, not all decisions can be made with our hearts and the reality is sometimes unforgivable. When certainty turns into uncertainty, and when the way I have to work is not in a straight line with my heart, I am forced to stop”.

“I want to focus on a future that offers me security, unfortunately this is not possible for me in this place, in my way, with what the future of Motocross looks like. I proudly take a step in a different direction and cherish the friendship and beautiful moments it has brought me. I hope no one feels like I leave them behind, my heart is with you all. I wish it could be done differently. Thank you for being a part of my story, or rather, thank you for letting me be a part of your story! Maybe there will be a way to realize my dream in the future, time will tell… Until then, with a heavy heart, I will miss you all”, Verbruggen stated on social media. 

Pic: Photo Janssen