Deegan on riding with Roczen & working on technique

Haiden Deegan explained to Lewis Phillips that he went to the Moto Sandbox to ride away from the Star Racing guys and focus more on technique with Ken Roczen and not worry about laptimes.

Deegan won his second main event of the season (and his career) and did it in dominating fashion, controlling the main event after some early sprint laps but what was most interesting was his comments on getting away from the Star Facility where all the Yamaha boys ride and race against each other to get some time on his own – something that has helped Kitchen since he went to Pro Circuit Kawasaki.

Haiden said: “The Star facility is obviously top tier and that’s where you are going to become a champion, practicing with all those guys, the sprints, the speed but sometimes you need to go focus on yourself. It’s nice it’s refreshing to ride by yourself sometime. Rode some motos with Kenny, one-on-one stuff, didn’t go for a lap time just focused on my technique right? Just dial that in and limiting mistakes, then you can take it back tot he farm.

Full interview below:

Image: Doug Turney