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Cooper Webb back to the spring shock!

Cooper Webb back to the spring shock!
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After using the air shock at the start of the season, Orlando’s back to back winner, Cooper Webb, has admitted his last two wins have come after reverting back to the spring shock!

Speaking in the press conference, the man with the momentum in 450 supercross said: “The air shock has such massive potential, but we weren’t able to really get as much testing as we were hoping to in the off-season, just due to lack of parts really. The team was here this week and I feel like we actually made great progress with the air shock. I was feeling really good this week with it and confident. Do you change what you just won on last Saturday? For me, I wasn’t willing to do that. So like you alluded to, I think after that first Orlando when everything was clicking, that’s [the spring shock] the go-to. In this class and in the sport we’re always improving and trying to get better. So we’ll work on some things and see where we end up with at Daytona.”

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On his spot in the championship, now just six behind leader Roczen, Webb is confident he is in a good place: “It’s definitely a good spot to be. Like you said, having that red plate is always the goal and where you would love to be. There’s some racing left, that’s for sure. Kenny was super strong at the beginning of the season, and he still is. We needed to try to close that gap. There’s plenty of racing. You never know what can happen, but it’s nice to close that gap these last two weekends and at least put a little pressure there. I like where I’m at, I like where the schedule is headed, as far as these next few races, and Daytona. I’ve always liked Dallas. I think Atlanta will be an interesting one. I really enjoyed Salt Lake. I’m happy where I’m at, but we’ll keep plugging away and try to fine tune. The class is stacked. It’s gnarly. There’s a lot of guys that can get in the mix and be up front.

“I was kind of gauging where everyone was,” explained Webb on his race win and seeing Roczen and Tomac further back. “Over the triple you kind of see. I was liking what I saw at the beginning, especially with AC in there and Eli (Tomac) ahead of him (Roczen, and stuff like that. I knew I needed to capitalize on it. I feel like for me, I saw that and kind of knew it’s a big night to get that win and get those extra three on second. I cut it [the points lead] in half tonight, so that was a really awesome thing. With racing you never know. With this class it’s consistency but at the same time you’ve got to win and maximize those points. When the championship competitor doesn’t land on the podium, that’s a plus.”

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Known for his ability to perform under pressure Webb said he didn’t really know what the secret was. “I’m not sure. I just enjoy racing. Our goals are all to win and be the best we can. For me, I feel really comfortable in those high-pressure situations. I don’t know if I have an answer for you. We compete at the highest level so it’s already such an adrenaline rush. When you add that pressure for me, it just takes it up even more notches. I just really enjoy that. That’s what I kind of live for, I guess.”

Article: Jonathan McCready

Images: Align media

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