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Confirmed: Samuel Nilsson to contest European rounds of the MX2 GP’s in 2024

Confirmed: Samuel Nilsson to contest European rounds of the MX2 GP’s in 2024

Samuel Nilsson is poised for a triumphant return to the Motocross World Championship this year in the MX2 division. Kicking off with a commanding lead in the Spanish Championship on his KTM 250 SX-F, thanks to the support from the Austrian multinational in Spain, the Madrid-born rider is set to revisit and exceed the challenges he encountered in 2022.

For the 2024 season, Nilsson has not only committed to rigorous preseason preparation but has also navigated obstacles to secure the essential support needed to pursue his dream of demonstrating his talent on a global platform, aiming to showcase his peak form.

A few months ago, Nilsson shared:

“As I mentioned before, I wouldn’t enter the MX2 World Championship if I didn’t have the means to compete at the forefront and reveal my true potential. This class is no place for half measures. I’m fortunate to have a circle of excellent people and personal sponsors for financial support, as well as a competent agent, Tom Sidell, who also owns REFYN Racewear. He assisted me in obtaining support directly from KTM Austria, and KTM Spain has also become involved this year. The greatest support, however, comes from my parents; without them, none of this would be possible. I believe we’ve built something strong, and with that foundation, I feel confident and secure, which allows me to relax and focus.”

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Image: Juan Pablo Acevedo

Nilsson will kick off his MX2 campaign in Spain on March 23-24th in Madrid as he plans to race all the MX2 World Championship rounds that take place in Europe under his own privateer structure.

“KTM Spain will provide support in Madrid, offering me the materials, mechanic, and structure I’ve been using in the Spanish Championship,” he added.

Undoubtedly, it’s crucial for Nilsson to display his skills and talent in the World Championship to secure his future.

“Factory teams are already observing and have been impressed with my current performance, particularly in Lugo, which boosts my confidence significantly. The major challenge is that they don’t see the extensive effort behind the scenes required for a privateer like me to compete at their level, including the bikes I train and race with and how the bike compare to theirs. I’m extremely proud to be able to compete and keep up with them on my level of equipment and with my small team. Hopefully, one day, they’ll recognize that what I’m achieving with what I have is not at all easy.”

He concluded, “Thank you to all my private sponsors for their help and constant support of my goals and dreams.”

Image: Juan Pablo Acevedo

Words: Tom Sidell

Images: Juan Pablo Acevedo