Confirmed: JWR Honda Racing announce third MXGP rider for 2022 season

JWR Racing is happy to announce the third rider of the team alongside Davy Pootjes and Vsevolod Brylyakov.

Miro Sihvonen, one of the biggest talents in Scandinavia and former EMX series leader, will pilot the Honda machine again in the 2022 MXGP Championship series for JWR Racing. Miro faced many challenges with injuries & sickness, causing him to struggle to reach his full potential in 2021, but we’ve seen his potential and want to give him a chance to reach it. Miro is a hard worker, and we believe he could be the big surprise of 2022. Miro just had an operation done on his shoulder, so he will start the season on the sideline, recovering and getting healthy, and then build up the speed and join the series in the MXGP of The Netherlands. Miro will also compete in the Finnish nationals and some rounds of the Swedish championship during the year to keep the race speed up to its fullest.

Miro Sihvonen (Rider): “I’m really happy to be back with JWR for 2022. I want to show what I can do on my bike. 2021 was terrible for me so I want revenge. So, for Johan to believe in me and give me a chance means a lot to me. I love the Honda CRF450R and the team atmosphere so for me to have this ride is just perfect. I will not race the first round, as I’m recovering from shoulder operation, but I’ll be back very soon and can’t wait to go racing. Just knowing that I will race MXGP again makes me smile. See you at the starting gate.

Johan Westermark (JWR Honda Racing Team Owner): “We are happy to have Miro back on the team. He is talented, works hard and gives it his best. He had a bad season in 2021, but we are not a team that gives up on our rider just because they’re struggling.. He showed his speed and potential during training before the season, and we want to help him reach his full potential in the MXGP.

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Ashkan Aghili (24MX Marketing Manager): 24MX are very happy and to be part of JWR racing again for 2022. We are the leader in ecommerce on motocross products across Europe. We are developing products together with JWR and will help them to be more visible in 2022. We’re happy to bring Miro aboard again for the next season and look forward to having Miro represent JWR.. You’ll find him in some 24MX ads next year as well.

Patrik Erlandsson (Team Coordinator): We hope we can take another step together with Miro in the premier MXGP class and help Miro fight for top 15 spots. We know it will be hard, but we will give him everything he needs to succeed. I would also like to say thank you to our loyal sponsors who will support us again in 2022, and make this possible for the team and our riders! Team JWR is ready for the 2022 MXGP Motocross World Championship series.

Words: Press Release