Cole Seely reflects on racing the MXoN for team USA at Matterley Basin

Back in 2017, Cole Seely had the opportunity to represent team USA at the Motocross Des Nations which was hosted in the UK that year at the superb Matterley Basin track.

It didn’t go the way America wanted that year after some heavy rain and muddy conditions which sees the top MXGP riders excel. However, Seely looks back at the event with good memories.

“You know, it started out as very honored and very excited. When I got there I was very humble, very, very humble. I mean it is hard to come over here and race these guys on tracks they are so familiar with but Matterley Basin was an amazing track. I loved riding it but I don’t know how those guys go so fast around that track. If I could show up on a Sunday and cruise around, throw whips and have fun around that track, it was so much fun. But trying to race the best in the world around that track, I just didn’t have it in me and we had a mechanical both times on track because of the race. But nonetheless it was an honour and an opportunity I never thought I’d get to have”, Seely told 

You can listen to the entire interview, below:

Article: Andy McKinstry