Chris Mills signs with SB KTM Racing – a new team!

We will see a new team contest the EMX250 series in 2022 with SB KTM Racing deciding to enter the Grand Prix paddock next year which will see them contest European action. Young Brit, Chris Mills is the first rider to have signed a deal with the team which will see a British rider contest the EMX250 series.

The team are expected to sign up a second rider to partner Mills and they’ll want good results during their learning year in the class and International racing.

It’s a nice opportunity for Mills to be back in the GP paddock after a year concentrating his racing in the Netherlands so he’ll be motivated for good results in the competitive class.

“I met the team owner practicing this season at Veldhoven. He saw that I was doing everything alone and offered to help me out by coming to the tracks and preparing my bikes. Since then we have been really good friends and he offered me a ride on his new team. For sure it’s a big weight of my back as being a privateer has been really tough organising a lot of things, riding stock bikes and I have been working full time so that hasn’t been easy. 2022 we will be back to normal and focusing on riding full time”, Mills told 

“Its great to sign for a EMX250 team. Although it’s a new team I have a lot of trust in the team owner and he only wants the best for me. I believe he can provide me with the best material for me to perform at the highest level. I believe with a good bike and a strong off-season I will be expecting to get in the points and eventually fight for top 10 in the Europeans and top five in the ADAC Youngsters Cup. I would like to thank my mum and dad and of course Sofian for the opportunity and all the people that backed my private journey last year”, concluded Mills. 

Article: Andy McKinstry