Charles Lefrançois leaves SR75 Suzuki

Charles Lefrançois has been part of the SR75 Suzuki setup since 2019 but the French talent who had a lot of success with the team has confirmed he’s decided to leave. It comes at the right time and both remain on good terms which is good to see. 

“I’ve rode with the SR75 team since 2019 and I thank Geoff so much for his involvement and help for these years. Our great adventure now ends but we have accomplished great things and achieved very good results together with a UK Arenacross title in 2020, a UK Vice Champion title in 2019, podium in SX Tour, 3 qualifying 450 in SX US… The period we are going through is not favorable for us to find more means and complicates the exchanges England/ France. Good luck for the future Geoff and thank you again”, Lefrançois stated on social media. 

Pic: Nigel McKinstry