Championship leader Barcia on the importance of mental strength

Justin Barcia says he has improved his mental strength and has a lot of self-belief this season as the new 450 supercross points leader heads into round three with the red plate proudly on his Red Bull TLD Gas Gas machine.

Barcia, in what might be his best shot at winning the supercross title, has shown consistency so far very early in 2022 in stark contrast to his fluctuating rivals. And, with two podium visits (two third places), Barcia has done enough to become the man generating the most points after two rounds. But, for Justin, he knows just how important a strong mentality is to keep himself at the front of the pack – as well as keeping it fun.

“I think this year for me my mental game is really strong, acknowledged a confident and happy Justin Barcia in the press conference at Oakland. “I think that’s the biggest thing – really believe in myself. I believe in the team and the bike and just my whole package. I think I just need to keep doing me, and that’s going out there and racing the track and not letting anything bother me. Just focus on the task at hand, that’s putting laps in and minimizing mistakes and racing. That’s what we’re here for, to race and have fun. I’m having a lot of fun right now. Just stay focused. The mental game is huge, these guys know as well (Anderson and Plessinger), it’s massive in this sport. Just stay mentally strong throughout the season and focused and go for wins.”

But will having the red plate bring any extra press tomorrow? That will be an early test of his mental strength.

Words: Jonathan McCready

Image: Align media