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Carmichael: I hated racing

Carmichael: I hated racing

Ricky Carmichael has admitted he didn’t even like racing as a child and that it felt like a job in a recent podcast with Awful Announcing.

“I hated racing,” said Ricky who went on to be in many people’s eyes, the greatest rider there has ever been.

“I was basically racing for my parents. I didn’t want to let them down. They would always tell me if you don’t want to race anymore that is fine…”

“but I always felt in the back of my mind that that would maybe crush them”

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“But at the same time, even though they weren’t forcing me to race, and I hated racing, there must have been something in the back of my mind that kept me going”.

“I hated it. There would be times I would be praying for rain when I was at school, so I don’t have to go practice and I get the day off.”

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Quotes via: Awful announcing