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Camden Mc Lellan offers injury update

Camden Mc Lellan offers injury update
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After travelling to Argentina for the first GP of the year, Camden Mc Lellan was left disappointed as a shoulder injury meant he was ruled out of action.

He’ll have to wait before making his MX2 GP debut for the JM Honda team but his goal is to make a return in Spain for round six.

“After a great month back in Europe and on the new bike, right when everything seemed to be trending positively and I felt really confident and comfy on the bike my good fortune ran out… Just three days before what would have been my first and only pre-season race on the GP circuit of Lierop I had a small crash which somehow ended up dislocating my left shoulder”.

“I really didn’t see it as too big of a problem as I have dealt with many dislocations of this shoulder in the past, and although I was sad to be missing Lierop I knew that with the correct protocols and rehab my shoulder would be ready and stable enough to ride in Argentina for my first GP of the year. The week leading up to the race and even in the 5 laps I had done on the track, there was really no hints that the shoulder would give me any problems that weekend. During lap 6 of free practice as I started picking the pace up, nearing the end of the lap I was going through a left corner and all was going well, until I felt a “click” in my left shoulder and immediately lost all strength in my left arm. As soon as I lost grip strength I knew my shoulder must have come out so I pulled to the side and once the adrenaline settled down the pain and discomfort made it known that my shoulder had come out again. It was a really painful and frustrating 20 minutes in the medical tent, eventually resulting in me having to basically put the shoulder in by myself… after that, calls were made and thanks to my trainer Joel Roelants I had a scheduled surgery as soon as I returned to Belgium on Wednesday evening. I’m now writing this post operation, which Doctor Tom Claes said went very well, and my scheduled return to racing will be the GP of Spain on the 7th of May due to the 6 weeks of recovery before I can get on the bike”. 

Image: Full Spectrum Media

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