An honest Jorge Prado on a tough MXGP in Argentina

Jorge Prado never looked comfortable on the track in Argentina all weekend and the honest and frustrated Spaniard admitted as much after the race – he also only got one holeshot out of three!

Prado said: “Overall, it was a tough weekend for me. I just didn’t feel good from Saturday on, so it was hard and not being able to be competitive it’s harder also, but the guys next to me were way faster, I just couldn’t hold on and I couldn’t really ride like myself. It was hard, I didn’t have good lines and didn’t ride good. Sometimes it happens, still on the box and third in the championship. But we are going back to Europe and the next round is Agueda, I got the red plate there in 2019 so I have confidence and will get back to work, nothing else to say”.

“I was not quite on the pace, so I just did what I could and gave it one hundred percent. I was pushing all of the time. It is hard to stay up front when you are not feeling good in this class. I am excited to get back to Europe, with some slower tracks coming up. We are all working very hard.”

Prado, despite being on the podium at every round, is now 23 points back of Tim Gajser and down to third in the championship with Renaux up to second. That’s despite winning two motos to Gajser’s three, but it is when he doesn’t win that is proving costly. Gajser limits the damage with a second but Prado has been outside the top 3 every time.

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Don’t forget that Prado is still adapting to the new bike and as we saw in supercross, that can take a bit of on track racing experience to get sorted.

We are still waiting to see Prado at his best in 2022.

Image: Juan Pablo Acevedo

Article: Jonathan McCready