AMA riders on rumoured MXGP/AMA National combo race in 2026

We recently caught up with David Loungo who confirmed the dream race of MXGP/AMA is still something both he and MX Sports Davey Coombs are wanting to make happen.

David said: “The relationship with the American Motocross promotor, MX Sport and Supercross Feld are very good. We are in constant contact. I strongly believe that our sport is already too small to divide it in different parts with rivalry.

“For sure we have different targets as they are focused on American soil and we managed the World Championship but we share the same vision of making motocross bigger and more popular”.

“In this vision both of us like the idea of creating a single and unique event, where the MXGP and AMA riders would participate together. It is not a secret and it is also true that it would probably be the most exciting and awaited Motocross event in the history of our sport. I don’t believe this event will happen this year or next one but it is definitely a project that both of us would love to create together.” Full interview here.

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Vital MX asked some of the US racers about the prospect with the rumour now the race will be in 2026, with Cooper Webb saying: ” I think it’s cool. I have always enjoyed doing the GPs over here, I have done them as 250 rider, I got hurt as a 450 rider. I thought it was great racing different guys. When I would go to race Des Nations racing Glen Helen GP before really helped me. It would be really cool, man, to have a GP in the US and everyone race together, the best of the best, it would be pretty sweet.”

Stewart said: “They are coming here, right? I don’t really want to go over there on their turf! If that is the case they are coming here I am okay with it! I don’t really want to go over there, those boys are fast over there on their turf! (laughs). I think it would be cool.”

Hear the postive comments from Levi Kitchen, Malcom Stewart, Pierce Brown, Julien Beaumer, Aaron Plessinger, Wil Hahn, Phil Nicoletti, Cooper Webb and more below: