Ádám Kovács walks away from the sport!

Ádám Kovács has been known as a bright young talent in the Motocross Grand Prix paddock. However, despite still being young, Kovács has announced that he’s decided to stop his racing career and walk away from the sport.

Recently, due to COVID-19 Kovács has spent a lot of time back in Hungary and says he has lost his motivation. Also, the sport has changed a lot which has made him think of doing other things.

We would like to wish Kovács all the best with his future in whatvever he decides to do.

“After a little more than ten years, the moment has come. From today I have decided to hang up my helmet. My racing career is over. First of all, I would like to thank everyone who accompanied me along or helped me during this time. Fortunately, during this time we have achieved a lot together. We could even make sports history with my European Championship title. Yes, early 2014, I could participate in my first adult World Championship race, which is also not a small thing. I could also enjoy factory support for a while. This made my dream come true that I could get this far. I could collect some Czech Junior Championship titles. Home since 2019.10.06, since I started adult MX2 race, I could always top the podium”.

“I want to stop my professional career anyway, with lots of positive memories as my own decision. The world of motocross has changed too much lately. Especially because of the current situation, a lot has changed. As you know, I’ve been home for a while. Honestly, with the change in the situation, I’ve slowly lost most of my motivation. Unfortunately, I felt this at the competition in Esztergom. It was a very different world I competed in, I lived in so far, and now that I’ve been home for a while, I see how many resignations this makes me feel like I’m from my family too. But this is worth doing for us either way or not. I had to realize the time has come, I have to decide, and I decided to focus on other important things in my life. This is a part of my life closed, but I will gladly remember every minute of it. I’ll probably collect a lot of strength from my memories. Once again I would like to thank everyone who helped and supported me during this time. Special thanks to my family for sticking by my side and teaching me to do all my things with honor”, Kovács stated on social media.