Aaron Plessinger interview: I am ready to do battle this weekend

Aaron Plessinger has always shown the speed but this season he has put together consistent results along with the win and leads the 250 West coast points standings.

Plessinger had maybe the best race of his career last weekend in the ruts at Oakland coming through to win despite a chest infection that left him laying at the side of the track as soon as he passed the finish line.

Doug Turney caught up with Aaron to get the latest on his health and talk about his excellent season so far.

Congratulations on last week’s victory and battling through the flu! How are you feeling?

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Thanks man, I am feeling ten times better. I think I have got over what I am dealing with, it’s still here a little bit but it’s on the downslope side so it’s going really good right now. I am ready to do battle this weekend and hopefully extend my points lead going into the break.

Were you able to ride this week at all?

I actually wasn’t, a little bit of training, I was just resting up. I didn’t want to upset it again and make my chest hurt so it was a just a restful kind of week.

Was it a flu or chest cold or did you just feel like crap?

I just felt like crap, I think it was a little bit of a chest cold. It felt like somebody was burning me with a fire right up my chest, I couldn’t cough because my eyes would water, my nose was running, it was just a bad deal.

You are having a great season, what do you think is attributing to that?

I don’t know, I feel better than I have ever felt before. this year is just different , I found out that I’m having a kid (in July) and it’s just been good all around. It’s just been a sweat year. I’ll have either a blue or pink helmet on!

What do you think of the track this weekend?

I think it looks pretty cool, it’s pretty technical I think we have an elevated corner here, it looks fun. I’m ready to get out there and do some work.